Simon Design Engineering is pleased to offer a temporary parking garage option, the ReloPark system, which is available for installation on customer owned property. Our ReloPark parking facility represents the latest advancement in customer focused solutions to structured movable parking garages.

The ReloPark System capitalizes on the advantages of the Permanent Parking Facility’s Design, which include durability, structural stability, adaptability, to provide safe and secure temporary parking garages for patrons. This ReloPark System provides the structural soundness of a permanent parking facility without a permanent, long-term commitment of scarce land. Our facilities are prefabricated off-site to provide a timely, safe, and convenient field assembly.


The ReloPark System was developed to provide an integrated, “one-stop” delivery mechanism for structured temporary parking garages through the leasing of a proven, safe, and effective parking system. The ReloPark business concept provides customers with the opportunity to temporarily park additional cars through the leasing of a ReloPark facility.

Movable Parking Garages – Items Provided By Lessee

  • Environmental abatement & Permits, if required
  • Access to primary hook-ups for Utilities
  • Movable Parking Operations and Revenue Collection


We assemble a movable parking facility, size specified by the customer, on customer-owned land for an agreed upon term (typically six to ten years) in accordance with our standard leasing terms.

Design – We will provide the design of our movable parking system including construction phasing plans.

Delivery – We will manage the construction and installation of our temporary facility while conducting site meetings and continuously communicating with the customer in every aspect of our work. From design through construction we deliver temporary & movable parking garages to the customer’s property in less than eight months.

Insurance – We provide project-specific insurance for the performance and maintenance of our movable parking system for the life of the lease.

Operations Friendly

The ReloPark System presents a winning solution by offering the least disruption to normal operations through a well-managed and safe construction effort.

Fast Permitting

Our temporary parking structure is removable and eliminates time-consuming permitting issues.

Leased facility

No capital outlay required.

Temporary & Movable Parking Garages

You’re in control. The parking structure may be moved to different locations as your needs change.

Eliminate Parking Shortages Fast

Quickly and efficiently solves parking shortages while “buying” time to further evaluate needs and long term systems.

Safe & Code Compliant

Solution is safe and economical with design based on permanent construction code criteria.