Professional Designer of Record Structural Engineering Services

  • Complete Parking Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Design Development
  • Traditional Structural Engineering Services
  • Automated & Mechanical Parking Engineering Services
  • Sealed Construction Documents and Specifications
  • RAM Steel Design
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • 3D Modeling (BIM)
  • Bid Review
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Close-Out

Parking Engineering & Consulting Services

Simon Design also provides consulting services to Owners and Architects to address parking issues including access controls, signage, wayfinding, mixed use studies, feasibility studies, and developing maintenance and repair programs. SDE provides operational studies in concert with valet companies, vehicle lift systems, and automated parking solutions to assist clients in understanding the alternatives and the economic impacts of their decisions. These services further the relationship with clients and demonstrate the value which is provided.

  • Demand Analysis
  • Structural Systems Comparisons
  • Automated and Mechanical Parking Alternatives
  • Temporary and Movable Parking Alternatives
  • Market Assessment
  • Profitability Studies
  • Site Analysis
  • Operational Studies
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Durability Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Procurement Evaluations
  • Operational Audits
  • Project Definition
  • Daily Operations Studies
  • Remote Revenue Control Planning
  • Functional Planning
  • Wayfinding and Graphics Studies
  • Forensic Studies & Condition Assessments
  • Value Engineering

Specialty Parking Engineering

For select clients and precastors, we develop and deliver the Engineer of Record (EOR) drawings as well as shop drawings required for fabrication and construction. This supplemental service allows for clients and Simon Design to return to a traditional integrated delivery with better quality and speed. We utilize a BIM software package to facilitate the integration and create a relational model for a project. The model is generated in concert with the design drawings and shop drawings so individual elements can readily be generated. We also utilize specialty technicians who are familiar with the detailing process and an independent engineering QA/QC program to assure quality.